Traffic Logistics has been operating since 2006 and is a wholly owned Australian company. The business has expanded across NSW and is now the preferred supplier to Government Agencies, Local Councils and many tier one national and multi-national organisations.

There is a positive culture throughout our business silos with an emphasis on respect for all. This is a simple and powerful message that is enforced on all worksites and in the boardroom. The culture we speak of is driven from the operational teams “finding a better and safer way”. With this common attitude, the management has been able to budget for strategic investment into new innovations which will protect our employees, the travelling public and save lives in the process.

Traffic Logistics have also identified a distinct lack of training in our industry and we have a training program to roll out to all employees who will participate in order to upskill and give pathways for their future employment. The Electronic Passports will future proof Traffic Logistics’ ability to service our clients with the most skilled workforce for all disciplines of Traffic Management.

To ensure that we maintain our leadership in the traffic management sector, Traffic Logistics will continue to heavily invest in all of their personnel and upgrade our plant and equipment. This mantra has been the cornerstone of what our business has been built on and will strive to improve on, moving forward.